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Kate Shields Stenzinger is a team lead, life coach, business partner, mom, wife and very slow runner. 


She is a passionate leader with over 15 years of experience in health care government regulated markets. With a distinct love of Medicaid (the complexity, the nuance, the regulation and the purpose), Kate is responsible for her companies Medicaid program management, business development and market expansion strategies. She coaches part-time and works full-time, with experience living joyfully in chaos.  She has spent years studying leadership, psychology, relationship dynamics and professional development. 


For fun and relaxation Kate enjoys kayaking, knitting, meditation and studying crystals.

navigate change with creativity


FRIDAY, June 12

1:00 - 1:45 PM

Learn how you can successfully navigate through professional change. As organizations grow and change the transition can be troubling for you, your team, coworkers, and your manager. Join this discussion to learn strategies, gather tools and share resources. Let’s connect with others and create a successful transition environment. 

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