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Alex grew up near computers. This interest in computers naturally turned into his profession and he's been working in the tech industry for the last 15 years. As a software developer for the first 8 years, then as a manager for 7 years leading teams from 5 to more than 30 people. 

He has 6 years of experience as a coach and is a Professional Certified Coach via International Coaching Federation Certification and an ACE Certified Coach by David Peterson (ex-head of coaching at Google).

For more than 3 years he's been teaching other managers coaching skills to help them better empower their teams.

Currently Alex works full-time as an engineering manager for a leading investment bank and has his leadership coaching practice.

The Inner Game of Transition to Leadership

 It's not enough to get new skills when one transitions to a leadership role. This transition requires deep personal transformation.


People need to have new mindsets. They need to reevaluate their identity.


More often than not first-time leaders are not aware of these processes of internal realignment and thus are not prepared for the potential pitfalls.


In this talk Alex will share guidelines and best practices to navigate these deep processes that he has gleaned through 6 years working as a coach with first-time leaders.

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