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Alta is from a small country called El Salvador, and she migrated to Canada ten years ago to pursue post-secondary education. She is now a Director of Growth at a Performance Marketing Agency in Vancouver that manages over a quarter of a billion dollars in annual investments. She has contributed to the growth and acquisition of customers of several organizations (from start-ups to mid-scale and enterprise level) through the strategy, execution, optimization and expansion of these, with a result-focused and data driven approach.


She worked her way from being an individual contributor to her day-to-day projects, to leading a team, then looking after various managers, and followed by helping with the overseeing half of her organization. And this is why she wants to share with you all about how to go through that transition on leading people (when working on a technical job), having a clear vision and bringing them with you along the way.

The Ingredient List for Developing a Great Tech Leader (and not just manager)

Strong technical organizations need to provide 'people-focused' development programs that support new engineering leaders through the novel challenge of transitioning from an individual contributor to managing and leading teams.


As a director of an agency, Alta has seen and implemented several methods that have worked to scale these training programs to people who are highly technical.


In this talk, Alta will dive into the key ingredients that make up successful development programs that stimulate technical / SMEs to become leaders, build succession plans, and prepare team members with the required skills and confidence for transitioning from an individual contributor role to leading teams.

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