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Aviv helps tech executives rapidly accelerate change and create high impact teams. Coding since he was 9 and consulting for over 7 years, he has helped dozens of companies from tiny startups to Fortune 50 enterprises.


When not consulting, you might find him playing with his wife and 3 kids, reading a lot, and practicing the piano.

Losing Your Crutches: how to measure performance and lead in this remote age



2:00 - 2:45 PM

Many managers have ingrained small ways and habits to get a feel of how things are going and to measure team performance.


You might spot a huddle trying to debug an issue or notice an employee starting to take longer breaks.  Some of this is critical information that you need to learn how to replace, while some might be acting as indirect indicators that you should stop using.


In this talk, we will cover the basics for performance management remotely; focusing on outputs rather than inputs, and establishing open communication patterns.

Minneapolis, MN

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