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Aviv Ben-Yosef is an advisor, coach, and consultant for executives and leaders throughout the tech industry. He is the author of The Tech Executive Operating System, a recently published book for tech leaders. In his consulting business, he helped companies worldwide, ranging from day-old startups to Fortune 100 companies. By coaching, speaking, facilitating workshops, roundtables, and trainings, he helps his clients forge teams and cultures they are proud of leading.

Tech Capital: Moving from Managing Debt to Creating Assets

If we had a friend that was always preoccupied with maxing out credit cards, taking loans, and mounting debt, we would likely stage an intervention. How come, then, that we have gotten completely comfortable with engineering teams focusing all their might on tackling their tech debt, or, if fortunate, to avoiding adding more of it?


An R&D organization that merely focuses on following orders perfectly is abdicating on a vital part of its responsibility: innovation. It’s also doing its brilliant staff a disservice by pigeonholing engineers to act solely as JIRA machines. Just as there’s a limit to how much you can cut spending, but no limit to how much a business can profit, the same goes with tech. While minimizing tech debt has a limit, you can move mountains with the right kind of tech capital.


In this talk, we will learn about tech capital—a vital part of The Tech Executive Operating System, the shift that’s required in yourself, your team, and your peers in order to unlock its full potential, and about moving R&D from a cost center to an innovation center.

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