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Colleen Tartow, Ph.D. is director of engineering at Starburst Data, has a Ph.D. in astrophysics, and has been obsessed with data for her entire life. She is determined to make engineering organizations better for both humans and business through mentoring, leadership, and streamlining processes. Her work on data, engineering, analytics, and diversity issues has led to her speaking and mentoring in a variety of venues in Boston and beyond.

Data, Diversity, Culture: How to Build Great Engineering Teams

The secret is out - more diversity in leadership leads to more innovation, more revenue, and better products. This is particularly true in engineering, although harder to achieve in practice. Even those companies championed for inclusivity in engineering are still largely homogeneous at the leadership levels, and only a small fraction of technology leadership is female.


In this talk I will present a concrete plan of action to help you reap the rewards of a more diverse engineering leadership team, based on 15+ years of my own research and experience. By embracing a wider array of the human experience across engineering leadership, businesses have been shown to innovate more, move faster, and handle complexity better than competitors. In fact, innovation revenue can be significantly higher exclusively from increased gender diversity. Potential leaders from all walks of life are out there, bring them into the game!

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