engineering management 101

Our most popular training! 

Are you a new Engineering Manager or interested in learning more about a career in technical leadership?  This low cost training is for you!

This 8 hour session will walk through interactive and hands-on activities covering the following topics: 

  • Giving impactful feedback

  • Leading different communication styles

  • Facilitating effective (non-awkward) 1:1s

  • Discovering your strengths and blind spots as a leader

  • Splitting time between coding, managing projects, and putting out fires

  • Team communication

  • Practicing authenticity

  • Effective developer onboarding 

  • Diversity & inclusion on dev teams

  • Establishing powerful and bullet-proof morning routines to maximize busy schedules

  • Empowering your team

  • Gracefully transitioning from individual contributor to a boss 

  • Listening effectively

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Minneapolis, MN

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