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Meet The Team

Frederic Rivain_5 - Frédéric


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Frederic is the CTO of Dashlane, passionate about scaling Digital Identity. He joined Dashlane after several years working in Gaming, Gambling and eCommerce.


He is eager to learn, innovate and have fun with his team, so that Engineering can efficiently support the Dashlane business and offer the best service to Dashlane users.

Continuous Learning

The pace of change in our market and on the web in general forces companies to adapt fast. To be adaptive as an organization, organizations must intentionally engage in Continuous Learning When you learn as a team, you become more adaptable and achieve much better results, especially when the pace of change is fast.


Teams that learn quickly are more adaptive than teams that don't, and can get better results, by rapid response to change. We'll look at a little theory and a lot of practical tips and practices to infuse a mindset of continuous learning in an Engineering team

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