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Joshua Copeland is a Senior Software Architect working as a Freelance Contractor with Remote Dev Force. With over 15 years as a software developer & serial entrepreneur, Joshua has gained a good blend of start-up and enterprise experience. Developing PHP applications is a big part of his day-to-day work and he keeps security first-in-mind.


Joshua’s team of engineers throughout the world regularly work on building features for mission critical projects, setting up and maintaining servers with Terraform/AWS, building CI pipelines with Jenkins/GitLab, and much more.


He has led the PHP Vegas users' group for over 5 years and loves to give back by speaking at conferences and educating the community.

Building a strong remote dev team

Are you having trouble setting up new procedures for working with your team remotely?


The pandemic has hyper accelerated the move towards remote teams and some companies have been scrambling to manage their teams in this new environment. In this talk, we will cover all the best practices companies have put in place to successfully manage their teams across the globe.


We will go over some examples of how to build a strong framework for remote teams which have been extremely successful for some companies of all sizes. You may have checked some of the boxes on what we will cover. However, there is sure to be some new things you can do to build a happy productive remote team.

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