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Robin Rosenberg, Ph.D., is CEO and Founder of Live in Their World, a company that uses virtual reality to address issues of bias and incivility in the workplace and upskill employees for respectful engagement. She is a clinical psychologist, and prior to starting her company, she had both psychotherapy and coaching practices, wrote college textbooks, and taught psychology classes at Lesley University and Harvard University. She's combined her interest in immersive technologies with her coaching and clinical experiences to foster in employees a deeper understanding of how and why other people may feel slighted or marginalized, and how to approach such interactions differently. She's been interested in virtual reality (VR) for years, and was the lead author of a study to investigate using “VR for good.” She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology, and Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California, San Francisco.

Creating inclusive team meetings

We are all, inadvertently, at times disrespectful to our colleagues. But frequent disrespect works against inclusion and creates disengagement. Team leaders and managers have a particular responsibility to spot and address disrespectful team interactions and model inclusive ones. In this presentation, I’ll explore how attendees can create their own “toolkits” to help team leaders and managers make meetings more inclusive and increase a sense of belonging.

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