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Karl is a hands-on technical leader dedicated to helping startups figure out teams and technology. Sometimes this means picking the right tools, sometimes it means hiring engineers, and sometimes it's building custom software. Most often it's a mix of all three.

He is currently the CTO of The Graide Network, an organization that helps teachers find remote "Graiders" to give their students better feedback.  He manages the full product lifecycle from planning to software engineering to delivery.

In his free time, he helps tech conference speakers find speaking opportunities at CFP Land.

stop writing code and start solving problems



10:00 - 10:45 AM

When we engineers see problems, we tend to quickly turn to our first line of defense: writing code.

While being a great programmer may be the strength that got you to your first leadership role, it's not the one that will make you successful at it.


In this talk, I'll review some experiences I've had solving problems without writing code, and give you tactical tips for becoming a more successful engineering leader while stepping away from the keyboard more often.

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