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Roger is a software developer and consultant who has been writing code longer than most of you have been alive.  Even with this great wealth of knowledge and experience, he has never been a pompous ass. Contrary to what several people thought in the 80's, Roger P. Nelson was not actually Prince Rogers Nelson.

Roger has helped numerous clients in a variety of industries create software-based solutions to their business problems.  From paper-tape to voice recognition, Fortran to Kotlin, and IBM mainframes to Apple iPads, Roger wanders through the endless and timeless forest of information technology only mildly deranged from his experiences in the world of corporate IT.

He loves dogs, sailing, hiking, biking, family, and not taking things too seriously. 


Monday, June 10 

12:00 PM

Closing the deal

What is the hardest part of software development for an engineer?  What can managers and business owners do to help?