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help! I just became an Engineering Manager

45, 60 or 90 minutes

$450 - $900

Have you recently transitioned from an Engineering role to an Engineering Manager?  Are you struggling with the psychological shift that comes with pivoting your focus from computer science to people science?  Or, are you just looking for some tips to feel more prepared and confident as a leader?


If so, this session is for you!    


This session will walk through 8 fundamental techniques to help you learn and practice skills to navigate the complexities of Engineering Management.  Topics include (but aren’t limited to) giving effective feedback, building relationships with business partners and your team, and the importance of diversity & inclusion on our development teams.  


You will leave with a new perspective on Engineering Management and many practical tips to apply in your role immediately. 

a fork in the road

45, 60 or 90 minutes

$450 - $900

At a certain point in your career, you will likely be asked - "have you considered becoming an Engineering Manager?" If I were you, I would take this as a compliment.


Perhaps your above-average people skills make you stand out as an ideal candidate to manage other humans? Or, your technical skills have enabled you to climb to the highest rung that your organization's career ladder permits without acquiring direct reports?

This talk will help you evaluate both paths; highlighting the rewards and headaches of management duties as well as a few tips to help you gracefully pivot should you decide to take the leap.

4 reasons why your best engineers are leaving

45, 60 or 90 minutes

$450 - $900

Engineering Leaders across industries and timezones are struggling to retain technical talent even after offering the shiniest of benefits and perks. Why is that?



This session will cover 4 common reasons Engineers choose to leave an organization and how you can proactively avoid these departures.

an engineering team where everyone is a leader

45, 60 or 90 minutes

$450 - $900

Building a strong engineering culture can be a daunting, but very rewarding undertaking. It requires all members of a team to develop leadership skills as they navigate a very dynamic and evolving industry.


In this talk, Kate will highlight 8 tactical tips that attendees can implement on their teams immediately, regardless of their titles!

time is on my side!

45, 60, or 90 minutes

$450 - $900

A great leader is able to clearly articulate the responsibilities of their roles and effectively prioritize tasks that yield the highest impacts for their teams.


This session will involve hands on activities for participants to learn essential skills for maximizing their busy schedules.


Topics will include: techniques to balance time between meetings, writing code, and putting out fires, learning how to effectively empower and delegate tasks to your team, and several examples of modern tools that will help your team effectively communicate and automate repeatable processes. 

people first leadership

45, 60, or 90 minutes

$450 - $900

Great leaders put people first.   


We must never devalue people in the process of delivering a technical solution. This session will involve a wide range of tips to build the best engineering cultures including: the importance of diversity & inclusion in our dev teams and requirements as we build software, the importance of an effective developer onboarding experience, recruiting for the right things, and becoming an authentic, inspiring leader.

purposeful leadership

45, 60, or 90 minutes

$450 - $900

Effectively leading people requires a certain level of self-awareness.


Understanding what drives your thoughts and actions is vitally important as you lead and influence your teams. This session will lead participants through a few powerful activities to discover their own purpose and understand how it impacts their leadership style. Participants will capture their learnings along the way into a file that should resonate with all technologists - a manager README.

effective communication & coaching

45, 60, or 90 minutes

$450 - $900

Giving feedback, career conversations, and facilitating (non-awkward) 1:1s are quite often dreaded tasks as a leader.


Starting with an activity to learn more about the way you communicate, this session will provide tools and tips to demystify these esoteric responsibilities of an Engineering Lead or Manager!


I have been very fortunate to speak at conferences and host workshops at many locations across the world. 


Audiences have ranged from 10 - 450+  and consisted of Engineers, Engineering Managers, Directors, VPs, CEOs, CIOs, and more.

"This training helped me with many aspects of engineering management. I enjoyed the combination of content, hand-on exercises and facilitated discussion."


"I left Kate's workshop feeling really excited to get back to work.  Thank you for motivating me to carve out the time to start working on the training I never received."


"I really enjoyed the workshop. The format of the sessions was interactive and very helpful to hear other ideas from participants."


"The workshop was more than worth the time. It gave me my favorite quote of the day: "'Be tenaciously committed to the growth of each individual.'"


"I was engaged in the talk and never wanted, not even for one second, to lose focus on the content.  Great advice for established and would be Engineering leaders."


"This session gave me lots of great things to think about. Last week I transitioned from senior dev to project manager and the presentation has many helpful ideas to make this transition smooth."


"It explicitly brought forward strategies for how to be an engaged leader."

"It was an excellent opportunity to reflect on what I am currently doing and how that needs to change to make me a more effective leader"

"Loved the style and topics covered. Great discussion with other leaders in the group!"


"Wow, great, this was the best speech, practical, this was about leadership toolset, what the audience needs here."


"This was an excellent talk, and I wish all tech managers could hear it.  I will be sharing this with all of the managers that work for me."


"This information is useful not only for managers, but also those looking for a job because it gives them things to look for in a manager or team!" 


"The specific and personal examples of goals and techniques helped immensely in my ability to connect the material with my own life and experiences."


"I liked how human focused and honest the session was. I've gone to too many motivation/values sessions that have a not very well hidden "but don't let this detract from productivity" undertone. This was a refreshing tone."


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