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Rob Stenzinger works as a ux coach with product makers and leaders to build research infused teams, be agents for positive change, and make meaningful products using the tools of collaborative design, facilitating groups and UX research.


Rob has a background in leading ux for a range of clients ranging from non profits to familiar names in retail and technology. He teaches workshops, makes games, develops software, and podcasts.

coaching skills for leaders, collaboration, and career navigation


FRIDAY, June 12

9:00 - 9:45 AM

Career development has so many facets and choices, it's common to be too busy or distracted to see all the opportunities, dig into the choices, and move forward.


Have you ever noticed that the same can be said for collaboration? Join ux leader and professional coach Rob Stenzinger in this session to explore and practice some powerful coaching tools you can bring to your next team status, next big project, or career step.

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