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Tarah is a technology product leader and an inclusivity activist. She began working at Target Corporation as a software engineer and quickly fell in love with creating product vision, innovating new ways to build faster and more resilient Enterprise APIs. Tarah is passionate about opening new pathways and talent pipelines into STEM fields for others in her community. 

As the leader of Target Women in Science & Technology (TWIST) EPIC Awards, she is encouraging young women to follow career paths in STEM, providing mentorship and hands-on opportunities to learn about technology careers. She is also involved in numerous other resource groups at Target that promote diversity & inclusion for the community and for Team Members.


Given this deep passion for making tech careers accessible and equitable for all, Tarah is leading a grassroots initiative to bring coding bootcamps to Target. She believes that motivation and resilience are key to cultivating a successful STEM career and wants to share the opportunity to become part of the fun!

strategies for developing diverse tech talent



1:00 - 1:45 PM

Does your organization lack diversity or do you struggle to attract new, diverse talent? Does your organization have a number of individuals at risk for displacement? Are you looking to make a career move into IT?

If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions, this is the talk for you!! I will share what I consider the two biggest success factors for attracting new talent to the industry and upskilling / reskilling potential talent, while sharing my background and motivation for sparking a new movement in Tech @ Target.

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